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Now that we have gone in, and talked about the basis of True Love, and how it exists.  I decided to use a power couple in the industry, that we all know.  That is right, the Diva, and the Best Rapper Alive, since he was supposed to retire. (lol)…. That’s right Beyonce and Jay-Z.  They were so secretive in the beginning with not telling anyone they were dating. What was up with all of the secrets? Interesting… it was definitely what Beyonce calls “TRUE LOVE”… a 40 year old rapper and a 29 year old singer, who would’ve ever thought? Beyonce and Jay-Z?  When spoke with Terrell Johnson, Richmond, VA, 21 expressed that a sexy woman like that, and an ugly man like that, has to be true love.  Check this youtube clip of Beyonce at the Grammys, shouting out her husband now since 2008…you be the judge…is it true love? not lust I’d say!

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What is TRUE LOVE?

By: Latoya Miller

True love, it’s about two meaningful words. Usually, the meanings depend on a place and a time which gives it a display of setting. Throughout the years many people have come to their own explanations to things when it comes to true love. There are some facts that we can’t deny such as existence, life and being human, which with both, there is the natural desire to be loved. True love combines the desires to love and experience it genuinely. That’s why “True Love’s meaning”, with a big L, must be forever and ever.

“I know that love is not an emotion but, a part of what I want,” said Megan Spencer, junior transfer and art major. True love is evident once one begins to portray and take part of intense feelings. However, I do not think this is what the entertainment industry tries to depict nowadays. Most of the time, they demonstrate a passion of emotions all in one. Music today goes beyond talking, it gives a different view of what love is and how it is perceived to be. It includes sex appeal, and body language more than anything else. It gives you a feeling of how true love is supposed to be in the real world or so it seems to be, even in the music videos today. It’s a good thing that true love is not limited to these feelings and portrayed as such. A relationship wouldn’t last if it were based only on emotions and what others perceived it to be. Emotions are fragile, and they can really hurt you, if not careful. I believe that true love exists, especially if a couple is willing to take their time to see what may happen.

Disagreements and a lack of respect could easily put an end to any relationship. When there is a true love, it takes both partners to come together as one, not separate. “True love comes natural,” said Jean Cox, a 65 year old woman, resident in Richmond, VA. If we’ve ever wanted to feel this kind of love, we would have to know the difference between infatuation, lust, and a “true love”. Physical is not as important as mental.

We all wish that we could have that true love of having to experience “love at first sight”, I can’t deny that this kind of love exists, but, then again it’s not what true love means. “True Love is something deeper than the eye can see,” said Cox.

True Love is defined as a sweetheart; a truly loving or loved person in Webster’s Dictionary. According to a poem titled “The Meaning of True Love” by Helen Steiner Rice which states: “It is sharing and caring, giving and forgiving, loving and being loved, walking hand in hand, talking heart to heart, seeing through each other’s eyes, laughing together, weeping together, praying together, and always trusting, and believing, and thanking God, for each other, for love that is shared is a beautiful thing, it enriches the soul, and makes the heart sing!”.

A True Love is something that is unique. True Love stands out from the rest of the past relationships. Many people have their own views and see it as the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. True love can be inspirational to others.

There is only one person who can be your “True love” and deserves to be yours. That person must be “your first and last love” someone who shows you respect, understands you, cares and makes you feel secure, stated Reese Campbell, sophomore and psychology major. True love exists today, when you can find someone who shares with you everything, their dreams and purpose in life, you have it. True love is “we”, there is no “mine” but only “ours”. I don’t believe that true love is putting “self” before him or her”. A quote by Philosopher Michel de Montaigne states, “If a man should importune me to give a reason why I loved him, I find it could not otherwise be expressed, than by making answer: because it was he, because it was I”. They become one in all they do.

A true love is being with someone who loves you so much they are willing to give you their all. It could sound strange for some people, maybe because they’ve never experienced a true love, to understand what real love, truly is. I believe that true love is accepting someone for who they are. You should never have the highest of expectations, if so, and then it should be established before the relationship gets deep. True love exists in a relationship when they love internally, for that is what lasts the longest.

True love still exists today, you have to be patient and let it find you. Many people today are so wrapped up in the physical, and what society has to say about “true-love” that they forget the real meaning. They forget that it still exists, as much as we exist. The feeling of a true- love is different than anyone could ever imagine.

It sounds very difficult to determine what true love is but it still exists today. In the Christianity faith, what our GOD’s love for us represents is “True Love”.

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